NAIMUN 5TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE              ISTANBUL, TURKEY                 AUGUST 2017



                                  Welcome Speech from the Secretary General of NAIMUN

On behalf of the Secretariat, it is an honor to welcome you to the 2017 edition of the North Africa International Model United Nations Conference. With more than 200 students from around the world assembling in the beautiful city of Istanbul, I sincerely hope  that you will take this opportunity to learn from each other, challenge your own views, and appreciate how our diversity engenders  strength in the international community.


As the United Nations address grinding poverty, divesting conflicts, human right abuses and emerging challenges, I take heart from  the rise of a new generation of global citizens learning about our work. Similarly, this is also a fitting time to think about how your  actions will affect the future and how you also can create a positive impact in your community and beyond. In your respective  committees, I hope that you will take our theme to heart and come up with innovative solutions to some of our world’s most pressing  problems.


The Secretariat, along with our various sponsors, will work diligently to create a positive conference atmosphere. We especially take  pride in our focus to provide an unparalleled educational experience. I look forward to witnessing each of you debate in your  committee sessions as you work tirelessly towards building consensus with your peers.


Thank you very much for your participation at NAIMUN 2017 and for all of your hard work thus far. We are just as excited as you are to see your preparation come to fruition!


Osama Mohammed
Secretary General, NAIMUN




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