NAIMUN 5TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE              ISTANBUL, TURKEY                 AUGUST 2017

About us

Established in August 2012 by a coalition of North African youths, NAIMUN is the largest  student-run Model United Nations organization in Africa and the Middle East.  With our 4 offices in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, we train and encourage young people   to address pressing global issues and engage them in resolving global problems. NAIMUN is a non-profit organization which provides an equal opportunity for all youth to actively participate in an open debate.


 Our Mission

  • Train and encourage students to become Ambassadors through promoting their public speaking and increasing their lobbying  skills
  • Unite all North African high schools and universities through our model united nations conferences and students exchange programs
  • Involve students actively in decision making processes and conflict resolution
  • Discourage fear, xenophobia and fight intolerance among North African youths
  • Encourage education and gender equality


Our conferences provide a diverse group of informed students and young professional a forum for addressing global concerns in a real world context. The continued growth of NAIMUN simulations has resulted in more diverse conference attendees and a more accurate reflection of the United Nation. We have successfully organized 4 international conferences and 2 national conferences which have positively impacted the life of more than 1000 young people from 50 different countries. 


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